Friday, June 23, 2017

UV Curing System Provides Effective Results

Ultraviolet (UV) light is used in many applications to instantly cure or dry inks, coatings and adhesives.   When UV light is exposed to these coatings, a photochemical reaction takes place, drying the coating very quickly, creating a strong outer bond.  UV curing is used in many manufacturing processes as a very efficient way to speed up printing, drying and curing applications. 

Instant Results with UV Curing
Because the UV light creates the photochemical reaction so quickly, the inks or coatings dry evenly and without loss of volume due to evaporation.  This improves the quality of the process, creating consistent products, whether used in screen printing or critical parts manufacturing for industrial purposes. 

UV Curing Improves Efficiencies

If one of your continual improvement goals is to become more efficient, utilizing a UV curing process where printing, drying or curing is required will add valuable time saving efficiencies.  UV Curing of outer coatings can occur instantly, in a matter of seconds.  Compared to air or heat drying of inks, or spraying parts or units with chemicals, the UV process is much faster and requires no use of volatile chemicals.  

UV Curing Aids Several Industrial Applications

Systematic Automation is experienced in developing effective and efficient UV Curing Systems for a wide array of industrial applications, including:

·         UV Curing Screen Printing – UV Screen printing is available for flat or cylindrical products, from ball point pens to keg sized containers.   Vacuum systems can be incorporated into UV curing systems for all over 360° cure area.
·         Automotive – UV Curing is used on automotive parts such as visual knobs or buttons with printed words or labels.  Exposing these parts to UV radiation creates a strong outer coating that is stain and scratch resistant.
·         Aerospace – UV Curing provides strong durable parts when required in extreme conditions.  UV Curing is fast, efficient, and reliable.
·         Marketing- UV Curing is used in printing a wide variety of items from trinkets, to clothing and large banner or yard signs.
·         Several other industrial and manufacturing processes

With decades of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing specialized UV Curing systems for virtually any application, Systematic Automation is the leading expert for any UV printing or curing process.   We have a system that will fit your product, with auxiliary equipment such as specialized conveyors available to incorporate with any curing system.  We will custom design a system to meet your needs. 

Systematic Automation is a world leading manufacturer of automated screen printing machines, including UV Curing Systems and superior Vacuum Tables.  All equipment is tested rigorously for optimum performance prior to shipping.  Contact us today to learn about our UV curing and screen printing solutions. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vacuum Chuck Systems Aid Industrial Applications

Vacuum chuck systems are used in very specialized applications, aiding in several commercial and industrial processes.  Vacuum tables are a vital part of industrial processes including digital printing in flatbed and cylindrical screen printing machines, engraving processes, plotter cutter purposes, paper making, engraving and several other processes. 
Vacuum chucks are also used in a wide array of precision applications such as CNC machining, surface grinding, UV curing processes in printing and manufacturing, ultrasonic cutting and many more critical procedures. 
Systematic Automation Provides Exceptional Vacuum Chuck System
Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of exceptional vacuum chuck systems, setting the industry standard with superior flatness of +/- .001”.  Our vacuum table systems are made with proprietary technology and components for durable construction and maximum holding power.  
We have been a world leading manufacturer of high performing automated vacuum chuck systems and screen printing machines for over thirty years.  Setting industry standards with superior features for precision processes, and reliable consistent vacuum hold. 
Systematic Automation manufactures our vacuum chuck systems in our modern state-of-the-art facility, with dozens of standard size models to meet almost any need no matter the size or scope.  If one of our standard size vacuum tables will not fit your process, we will customize a solution just for you.
With experience in designing and manufacturing superior vacuum equipment for any application, our vacuum chuck systems are available with several enhanced features including automatic pin registration, valves to inactivate or isolate particular areas, sliding vacuum systems, bases in any size or shape, custom hole patterns, and surface options for improved scratch resistance.   
Systematic Automation has the resources and the knowledge to provide proven solutions for any vacuum chuck application streamlining your automated processes.  Our highly skilled engineers are experienced at finding the right solution for your vacuum system needs.   Our knowledge combined with our vast resources allows us to offer the lowest possible cost to you. 
Systematic Automation provides proven solutions to achieve increased output and improved quality.  We provide custom designed automated solutions to a wide array of industries around the globe.  Contact us today, a world leading manufacturer of high-performing and reliable vacuum chuck systems. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Searching for a Vacuum Table to Enhance Your Process?

Are you searching for a precision and powerful vacuum table to enhance your commercial or industrial process?  Vacuum tables are used in several automated procedures to add consistency, quality, and decrease cycle time.  

Adding consistency to your process dramatically improves part integrity, and quality of your product, meeting even demanding customer specifications for tight tolerances in several industries.   By securely holding your substrates or products in place with maximum force, you can shave valuable time off your process.  Reducing cycle time is a direct increase to your bottom line, with the added benefit of maximizing capacity.  

Vacuum Table Systems Aid Several Processes

Vacuum tables are used in several commercial and critical industrial processes, including:

·         Screen Printing – vacuum systems hold substrates still while a printing process is applied, ensuring complete coverage with detailed accuracy
·         CNC Machining – vacuum tables are used in CNC (computer numerically controlled) applications
·         UV Curing – vacuum chuck systems are used in UV curing processes, assuring accurate curing area
·         Ultrasonic Cutting – vacuum systems provide maximum force to hold parts securely in place for precision applications. 
·         Material Handling Systems – when moving product from one area to another station, vacuum systems aid in maintaining part integrity, keeping parts from free falling and being damaged by scratching or breaking
·         Automotive – maintains part integrity during processes and transport
·         Several other manufacturing and industrial processes requiring high performance and consistent output.  

Systematic Automation manufactures vacuum tables and fully automated vacuum systems for virtually any application imaginable.  We offer a wide array of standard sizes, or can custom design a vacuum system specifically for your unique process.   

We provide vacuum system solutions to various industries world-wide, manufacturing precision tables with a flatness +/- .001, setting the standard for tight tolerance precision vacuum systems.  

Systematic Automation is a Leading Vacuum Table Expert

For more than three decades, Systematic Automation leads the industry with manufacturing precision automated equipment, including the best in class vacuum table solutions.  We offer dozens of standards styles to choose from, or will aid you in customizing a table for you.   

We offer patented technology, and proprietary features from our modern facility, giving you the most cost efficient vacuum system available.   All machines are rigorously tested for optimum performance prior to shipping and delivery.  

Systematic Automation, Inc. are leading experts in automated equipment, including screen printing machines, UV curing systems, and state-of-the-art vacuum table systems.  Contact us today, one of the world’s leading vacuum table manufacturers. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

World Leading Screen Printing Manufacturer

Systematic Automation is one of the leading manufacturers of screen printing machines in the world, with more than thirty years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing screen printing machines.   We have installed more than 10,000 screen printing machines, with every piece of equipment passing a rigorous quality audit prior to shipping and delivery.  With dozens of models to choose from for printing on either flat, cylindrical or three-dimensional products, we have the perfect machine for your application. 
We manufacture flatbed clamshell printers, turret motion, in-line, rotary index and sliding table models, with accessories and automated auxiliary equipment available that can be customized to your specific application and environment.
In-Line Printer Models 
Systematic Automation manufactures three different models of In-line screen printers for printing on flat or cylindrical products. 

  • CC-5000 Automatic Screen Printer

This simple to operate printing machine offers a low-cost printer for flat materials, with consistent reliable performance.  This model is ideal for plastic cards, microscope slides or lighters.  Our CC-5000 In line model is manufactured with hardened polished shafts, high performance ball bearings and is rated at over 300 million cycles. 

Our LAC-6000 comes with many standard features with several customized options available, and utilizes patented card escapement technology.  This printer is one of the fastest screen printers available, printing up to 5,400 parts or 6,000 cards per hour!  This high-speed performance is enhanced with repeatability of registration at +/- .001”.

  • Super ROI Automatic Screen Printer

This automated precision printer can print one to six colors while accommodating a wide variety of cylindrical products.  This model features a lube-free drive system, and user friendly touch screen display.   

Systematic Automation has been in business since 1983, manufacturing precision screen printing machines for various businesses and OEMs large and small, all over the world.   We employ highly skilled designers and engineers available to customize a printing solution to your unique application. 
Systematic Automation provides proven screen printing solutions to commercial and industrial processes all over the globe.  Contact our experienced staff to learn out Systematic Automation can enhance your product quality while improving cost saving efficiencies with our state-of-the-art screen printing machines

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Expert Screen Printing Manufacturer

Systematic Automation is one of the leading screen printing manufacturers in the world, with decades of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing dozens of high performance screen printing machines.  Our vast line of printing machines includes clamshell flatbed printers, harmonic lift printers, turret motion, in-line, rotary index, and sliding table printers. 
Harmonic Lift Screen Printers
Harmonic Lift screen printers are necessary when the product is large and cumbersome, or of an irregular shape that must be lifted to the printing area.  Systematic Automation is a world class manufacturer of high performance Harmonic Lift printers, for printing on large cylindrical substrates such as buckets or kegs, skis and hockey sticks. 
We offer two styles of Harmonic Lift screen printers, our HLT Semi-Automatic Screen Printer, and the Keg Semi-Automatic Screen Printer.

  • HLT Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
    This Harmonic Lift Table has the capability to print on flat or cylindrical products, with quick changeover from flat to cylindrical or oval and tapered products.   With this model, the substrate is lifted to the screen which remains stationary.  This HLT model provides an independent micro-adjustable squeegee and height of the floodbar. This versatile model provides quick and easy set-up with custom components available. 
  • Keg Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
    This specialty HLT model by Systematic Automatic is ideal for printing on stainless steel kegs, wine kegs, CO2 tanks and any other large cylindrical product.  This comes with the required tooling for printing in the three standard beer keg sizes, with other sizes available.  This printer has a foot pedal cycle start with an emergency stop button, and a heavy-duty steel welded base.
    Systematic Automation has over thirty years of experience manufacturing precision screen printing machines with superior components for long lasting durability.   We employ a highly skilled design and engineering team available to customize an automated printing solution to your application. 
    Systematic Automation is one of the leading screen printing machine manufacturers in the world.  We have dozens of models to choose from, and our highly skilled staff will customize the perfect printing machine to your application.  Contact us today for cost saving, efficient solutions to all your screen printing needs.