Sunday, July 22, 2018

Improve Efficiency with Automatic Screen Printing

Automatic screen printing machines improve the efficiency of many commercial and industrial process with high quality, efficient printing resulting in improved productivity and profitability.  When you’re looking to improve your screen printing process with increased automation or a more efficient screen printing machine, contact the screen printing specialists at Systematic Automation.  You can have confidence in their more than 35 years in business providing semi-automatic and fully automatic screen printing solutions.

Systematic Automation offers dozens of models of screen printers to choose from, with enhanced automation available by incorporating vacuum table systems and flame treatment for use in commercial and industrial processes around the globe.

Systematic Automation Offers Wide Selection of Screen Printers

Systematic Automation offers a specific screen printer for virtually any type of printing application.  Our screen printing machines provide the perfect solution for your application without paying for more than what you need.  We offer screen printing machines for commercial use, industrial use, screen printing on microscope slides and even chocolate candies.  We have screen printing machines that print on flat items, cylindrical items and even challenging shapes and sizes of items or substrates. 

If your screen printing application includes challenging configurations, our experienced design engineers will custom design the printing solution for you.  Our wide selection of screen printing machines includes selections of:

       Clamshell screen Printers
       Harmonic Lift Printers
       In-Line Printers
       Rotary Index Printers
       Sliding Table Printers
       Turret Motion Printers

The Model F1 and F1-DC are in our clamshell line-up, offering versatility and reliable screen printing with simple to operate commands.  The Model 810 is a versatile clamshell printer with options to print on either flat or cylindrical items.
The Model HLT and KEG Harmonic Lift screen printers are versatile with the HLT providing options to print on flat or cylindrical products of varying thickness.  The KEG model screen printers aid the brewing industry with simple to operate printing on kegs and large cylindrical items with ease.  Multi-color attachments are available as well as UV printing and curing with specialty UV inks.

Turret motion screen printers provide speed and efficiency with quick and reliable printing on a wide range of cylindrical items including printing on Koozies. Our sliding table printers allow for quality printing on large items such as signs, switches, panels and a wide variety of items. Our in-line screen printers include the model LAC-6000 which is a high-speed workhorse of a printer processing up to 5,400 parts per hour with ease.  Adapt with UV inks and our UV curing process to further increase cycle time and productivity.

Systematic Automation is the leading screen-printing manufacturer, offering high quality screen printers, vacuum systems, flame treatment equipment and UV curing options.  We provide quality equipment manufactured in the U.S. and tested for quality performance.  Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of printers and let us help find the perfect screen printer for your application.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Are You Looking for the Best Vacuum Chuck System?

Vacuum chucks are used in a multitude of commercial and industrial processes as a vital component aiding several manufacturing and secondary applications. Vacuum systems enhance many applications such as screen printing, engraving, paper making, sail making and various material handling systems where vacuum platens hold material security in place while moving from one area to another.  Vacuum chucks are also vital to wide variety of computer numerically controlled, CNC, applications such as ultrasonic cutting, plotter cutter and CNC machining applications.

Systematic Automation Offers Quality Vacuum Chucks and Pumps

Systematic Automation is recognized as a leading vacuum chuck manufacturer, with more than 35 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing vacuum table systems and pumps for many precision applications.  Our tables set the industry standard with reliable flatness of +/- .001”, manufactured in the U.S. with only the highest of quality components for durability with maximum holding power. All our machines are tested rigorously for quality performance prior to shipping.

We are the leading manufacturer of vacuum tables, screen printing machines, UV curing equipment and flame treatment systems.  Our vacuum tables are designed with proprietary technology in our modern facility, from our engineers who possess in-depth expertise on vacuum system technology.  No job is too large or small, if one of our many standard sizes do not fit your application, we custom design the right vacuum system for your application.  Our tables range in size from 5” x 6” up to 72” by 144”, with many engineering features available. 

Enhanced features available in our quality built vacuum systems include automatic pin registration, valves to control specifically designated zones, custom hole patterns, sliding vacuum tables, heated tables, and surface options such as Formica or anodizing surfaces to resist scratching and corrosion.

When you need the best vacuum chuck and pump to enhance your process, be sure to ask the vacuum specialists at Systematic Automation to get optimum vacuum force in the right system without paying for more than what you need.

Systematic Automation offers quality vacuum systems which are proven in thousands of installations worldwide to provide high quality, reliable performance.  We offer exceptional customer service to ensure your ongoing success.  Contact us today to learn more about our superior vacuum chuck systems and vacuum pumps.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Industrial Processes Utilize Vacuum Tables

Industrial and commercial processes are enhanced with reliable hold down methods from quality built vacuum table systems.  Vacuum tables allow for increased automation with reduced cycle times and improved quality in demanding and critical applications. CNC router vacuum tables maintain part integrity in tight tolerance, precision processes ensuring consistent and reliable manufacturing.

Reliable vacuum table systems are recognized as an integral component in numerous applications, including the following:

       Ultrasonic Cutting – vacuum tables provide a reliable hold down method keeping parts and substrates held securing in place 
       CNC Machining –computer numerically controlled, CNC, applications are improved with the powerful force of vacuum systems in many critical and precision applications
       Automotive manufacturing – vacuum tables assist automotive suppliers with maintaining quality and part integrity during various manufacturing processes
       Material Handling Systems – vacuum chuck systems maintain quality and accuracy during material movement in a multitude of industries and applications, keeping parts in order and secure from falling or experiencing damage
       UV Curing – parts must be held securely and/or rotated with precision during curing, printing or flame treatment applications
       Screen Printing – many printing applications incorporate the benefits of vacuum hold down methods to increase throughput and improve quality
       These and many other industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications realize the benefits of high quality vacuum table systems

Leading Vacuum Table Manufacturer

Systematic Automation is a leading vacuum table manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality, precision vacuum tables for these and virtually any other process.  No job is too large or small for our engineers with one of the widest selections of tables available.  Our engineers will partner with you on challenging configurations offering custom designed vacuum system solutions. 

We set the industry standard with vacuum tables boasting +/-.001” per linear foot, with additional support provided for the larger tables to maintain consistent flatness.  Our standard tables range in size from 5” x 6” to 72” by 144”, with many optional engineering features offered to improve your process.

Systematic Automation provides quality vacuum systems manufactured in the United States with quality components.  We provide ongoing customer service and support to ensure success of your vacuum application.  Contact us today to learn more about our automated equipment, including screen printing machines, flame treatment machines, UV curing equipment and superior vacuum table systems. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

CNC Vacuum Tables Enhance Process Quality

CNC Vacuum tables enhance the quality of a multitude of processes with consistent and reliable vacuum hold down force.  Vacuum tables are used worldwide in commercial and industrial applications, including computer numerically controlled (CNC) processes, which demand accuracy and reliability.  Some applications which require high quality vacuum hold down force include:

       Ultrasonic Cutting
       Paper Making
       Sail Making
       Screen Printing
       Material Handling Systems
       CNC Vacuum Process

These processes require reliable a hold down method during additional precision processes of items and substrates such as plexiglass, steel, wood, metal, aluminum, canvas, paper, PVC and many other items.
Systematic Automation manufactures vacuum tables utilized worldwide in these and many other processes with consistent flatness and reliable vacuum force.

Consistent Flatness for Reliable Vacuum Automation
Quality processes require a consistent set up and manufacturing process, with reliable machinery and equipment key to quality manufacturing.  Systematic Automation understands the vacuum technology required for virtually any application with experienced engineers on staff to guide you to the best vacuum system for your application.  Our vacuum tables set the industry standard with +/- .001” flatness per linear foot in any size available.
No job is too large or small for our vacuum table options, with systems ranging from 5” x 6” to 72” by 144”.   If you are facing challenging configurations, our engineering team will partner with you to develop the vacuum system which delivers optimum performance.

We offer additional options such as automatic pin registration, valves to custom designed hole patterns, anodized table top surface for resistance to corrosion and Formica table top surface for scratch resistant processes.  We are experienced in all vacuum applications including processes which require a sacrificial layer. 

We provide vacuum system pumps such as the Diaphragm pump, Rotary Vane or Regenerative pump to provide optimum vacuum force for your process.

Systematic Automation offers more than 35 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing superior vacuum tables, screen printing machines and flame treatment systems.  We test all systems for quality performance prior to shipping and provide ongoing customer service.  Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality vacuum tables. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Flame Treatment on Cylindrical Products with 360° Exposure

Flame treatment processes are used on a wide variety of products to alter the surface of the substrate to enhance additional processes or applications to the product.  Flame treating is a beneficial pretreatment process that changes the properties of a product’s exterior to allow for improved adhesion of additional processes such as screen printing or applications of varnishes and coatings. 

Flame treatment is also used to remove flash from products which is leftover material such as the flyaway strings that occur during plastic manufacturing or bits of steel that can be easily burned off. The flame treatment machine treats products quickly without damaging the product. 

Flame treating, in fact, is much more efficient and produces a higher quality of product than employing manual labor to physically trim or sand a product.  With pretreatment machines, you get a consistent process without risk of human error, leaving a nice polished finish.  Automated flame treating is also more cost effective than manual labor, when flame-treating and screen printing are performed in one efficient process.
Systematic Automation Offers Versatile and Cost-Effective Flame Treating

Systematic Automation offers some of the most versatile and cost-effective flame treating processes available today.  Our Model FL Flame Treatment Machine is a groundbreaking, efficient flame treater which performs a uniform 360° surface treatment on a wide variety of cylindrical products, with adjustable burner features. 

The Model FL easily treats various sizes at once with our rotating vacuum platens, providing universal hold down and even treatment to a variety of glasses, mugs, plastic bottles and drinkware items all at the same time. The Model FL by Systematic Automation offers a compact and affordable pretreatment solution and is most cost-efficient when incorporated with a screen printing process. 

Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of screen printing machines, UV curing systems, vacuum tables and flame treatment machines.  We offer customized solutions with vast expertise in screen printing and flame treatment technology.  Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our automated solutions, including flame treating with 360° exposure.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Multi-Color Screen Printing with UV Curing

Adapting multi-color screen printing machines with additional pre and post treatment systems greatly enhances printing productivity and quality.  Pre-treatment systems such as flame treatment machines help to prepare the surface of the substrate to better adhere with inks, while post-treatment systems such as UV curing machines seal in the specialty inks with a quick cure in a matter of seconds. 

Before you purchase a multi-color screen printing machine, make sure that it has the capability to grow with your business and provide the added value of optional auxiliary equipment.

Systematic Automation Offers Six-Color Screen Printers

Systematic Automation offers vast experience with over 30 years in business designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality screen printers, vacuum tables, flame treatment machines and UV curing systems.  We employ skilled designers who understand the technology that goes into high quality and efficient screen printing and treatment systems.  We offer dozens of standard models for screen printing on virtually any size or shape, semi-automatic or fully automatic in one or up to six color printing applications.
Super ROI Six Color Screen Printer

The Super ROI is an inline, automatic, six-color precision screen printer with Allen-Bradley Servo technology for simple and efficient operation.   With linear transport of substrates and automatic lifting for printing and curing, handling of your substrate is greatly reduced for improved efficiency and quality.  Products can be loaded into the wide loading area either with automated technology or manually.  The Super ROI detects the presence of products and provides an all-in-one solution with automatic flame treatment, printing, and UV curing at 400 WPI.  Flame treatment and UV curing are optional processes which can be incorporated with your Super ROI to provide the most efficient total printing solution.

The Super ROI offers many beneficial standard features such as a user-friendly touch screen and adjustable speed along with optional auxiliary equipment to gain the most productivity and throughput. For the most efficient multi-color screen printer that produces high-quality products, learn more about the Super ROI from Systematic Automation. 

Systematic Automation offers the most reliable and versatile screen printing machines available today.  We provide full support with expertise in design and engineering and ongoing customer service.  Contact us today to learn more about our screen printing solutions including multi-color screen printing machines. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Best Deal on Screen Printing Machines

When looking for the best deal on screen printing machines, be sure to check out Systematic Automation.  Systematic Automation has over 35 years of experience providing the most cost-effective solutions with screen printing applications to OEMs and manufacturers worldwide.  With more than twenty models and types of screen printers, we can surely find the most efficient printer for your process at the best value. 

Systematic Automation incorporates the latest technology with our proprietary designs and patented products to deliver the most effective screen printers available today.  If you need special configurations for printing on challenging substrates, we offer custom designed solutions to fit your process.  We offer screen printers that print on flat, cylindrical or odd shaped products, one color or multi-color, in virtually any size imaginable.

Systematic Automation Offers Wide Selection of Screen Printers

Systematic Automation offers one of the largest selections of screen printing machines available today, with printer capabilities including screen printing cylindrical items as small as ballpoint pens and as large as kegs, and flat items from microscope slides to large canvases.  No printing job is too large or small with our wide selection of semi-automatic and automatic screen printers.

Our Model F1 semi-automatic clamshell screen printer offers simple and reliable operation with versatility to print on either flat or cylindrical items with easy changeover in just minutes.  This workhorse of a printer is designed to grow with your business with many attachment options available.

The LAC-6000 is a high-speed inline, one color screen printer with up to 5,400 items per hour output, offering the highest throughput in comparable printers available today.  This fully automatic screen printer can be outfitted with UV curing equipment to print, then instantly dry and cure ink for even higher productivity.

Systematic Automation offers these and many more highly efficient and productive screen printers that deliver high quality printing at an affordable cost.  We provide a total turn-key solution with optional automated equipment that enhances your productivity such as vacuum tables, flame treatment machines and UV curing systems.  All equipment is manufactured in our state-of-the-art modern facility in the U.S. and thoroughly tested for quality performance prior to shipping. 

Systematic Automation provides a wide selection of screen printers, vacuum tables, pre and post treatment machines designed specifically for your process.  We provide exceptional ongoing customer service to ensure the success of your printing process.  Contact us today to learn how you can find the best deal on a screen printing machine.