Friday, August 18, 2017

Heated Vacuum Tables with Adjustable Controls

There are many instances in which a heated vacuum table would be beneficial, or even necessary.  A vacuum table that provides consistent heating in one process may be beneficial for applications that involve curing composite components or debulking for compaction and removal of any trapped air. 
Heated vacuum tables can also be used to manufacture thin layers of film or lacquer.  Combining heat with precision flatness of +/- .001”, your vacuum table will provide superior performance for foils, panels or several other flat surfaces.   Heated vacuum chuck systems with simple temperature controls and even distribution of heat give manufacturers control over their process with user friendly adjustable processes. 
Systematic Automation Manufactures Heated Vacuum Tables
Systematic Automation manufactured one of the very first heated vacuum tables, with uniform heat distribution and vacuum suction with adjustable analog heat controls reaching temperatures over 500° F.   All of our vacuum tables provide superior flatness at +/- .001” flatness.
Inline adjustable vacuum gates provide adjustable vacuum suction in addition to adjustable heat controls.  Systematic Automation manufactures vacuum tables in a wide variety of standard sizes with custom sizes available.  Auxiliary equipment and options such as bases, modular clamping systems, and vacuum pumps can also be custom designed to your specifications.
Systematic Automation manufactures our heated vacuum tables with high temperature epoxy construction, and an aluminum core.  Heating elements are strategically placed in between rows for minimal obstruction of air flow.
Applications for Heated Vacuum Tables

             Vacuum Curing and Debulking

             Solar Energy Systems

             Catalyst Coated Membranes for fuel and battery cell electrode assembly

             Thin Film Applicator

             Fast drying and curing of specialty inks

             De-wrinkling in industrial applications

             Bonding and infusion of fabrics

Our vast resources and in-depth knowledge of automated vacuum chuck systems allow us to provide state-of-the-art equipment with cost efficient solutions for a multitude of industrial applications. 
Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of vacuum tables in various sizes and shapes, custom designed for your application.   We have more than three decades of experience with design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of high performance automated equipment used in screen printing, UV curing and vacuum table systems.   Contact us today for a FREE consultation on the perfect vacuum system for your process. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vacuum Tables Enhance Automated Cutting Systems

Automated cutting systems typically use vacuum tables when cutting most types of fabric to hold the fabric firmly in place for accurate cutting.  Plotting and cutting systems use heavy duty vacuum pumps to ensure that your desired cut is what you get, with consistent accuracy.  Vacuum pumps can be designed to work in separate zones when required, activating specific areas of the table with vacuum pressure.
Some fabrics may need a sacrificial layer to help hold the fabric while cutting, then discarded after the cutting is complete.  These layers may consist of polypropylene, PVC, Porex or a high-density polyethylene (HDPE).   This sacrificial layer is designed with your table to not reduce any suction.
Most plotter and cutter systems will have a rotary blade that is 28mm in diameter to easily cut fabric without pushing it downward.  This allows for the blade to have minimal contact with the vacuum table, which can extend the life of the sacrificial layer.
For a sturdy material, you may need carbide blades to cut through something like carbon fiber.  Typically, plotter cutter systems are used for cutting canvas in industries manufacturing large pieces of cut fabrics such as boat sails and require only the standard blade.
Systematic Automation Provides Superior Vacuum Cutting Systems
Systematic Automation is a world leading manufacturer of vacuum chuck systems in any size imaginable with distinct types of pumps to accommodate your unique process.   Our vacuum chuck systems are custom designed to fit your plotting and cutting system, with sizes from 5’ x 6’ all the way up to 72’ x 144’.  Tables greater in size the 48’ x 48’ will require additional support beyond the standard 4 points to maintain precision within +/- .001”.
We manufacture vacuum tables within +/-.001” flatness per linear foot for accuracy, setting the standard for precision flatness in the vacuum table industry.   Systematic Automation has been designing, engineering and manufacturing vacuum tables for over 30 years since our inception in 1983.  With our vast resources and expertise, we can provide high performing equipment at an affordable cost.  Let us show you how to enhance your plotter cutter system and improve your quality and cost efficiencies with superior vacuum tables.
Systematic Automation is a global leading expert in automated equipment including UV curing systems, screen printing machines and state-of-the-art vacuum table systems.  Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable engineers for precision vacuum table systems. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Superior UV Curing for Flat or Cylindrical Products

UV Curing is used in many industries for quick and effective curing of inks, adhesives and coatings on a variety of substrates.  UV radiation, when exposed to specialty coatings, provides instant drying, hardening, and strengthening, enhancing product quality and durability. 
Systematic Automation Expert UV Curing Manufacturer
Systematic Automation is a world leading manufacturer of UV curing machines for flat or cylindrical products.  With various models to perform UV curing, we can match the perfect machine with your application, providing effective results to your process.  All UV curing machines come with standard features, or we can customize your machine to fit your process.
UV Curing of Flat Products
For UV curing of your flat products, Systematic Automation offers the Ultra Light UV Conveyor Machine, with adjustable conveyor height, unique pully system for ease in tracking and a Teflon coated conveyor belt for durability and long-lasting performance.  Standard features include user-friendly touch screens and revolutionary design with proprietary irradiator engineering.  This specialty machine will accommodate products up to 3.25” in height, or custom adjustments are available.
UV Curing of Cylindrical Products
Systematic Automation manufactures specialty machines for curing cylindrical products with ease and efficiency.  Our Cylindrical 360 UV Curing Machine provides versatility with curing a wide variety of cylindrical products, accommodating sized from as small as a ball point pen all the way up to a gallon size container.  Our unique design provides 360° cure range for overall consistent UV curing even on odd shaped products.  Our specialty vacuum platens hold your product security in place for an even and consistent cure process.
Systematic Automation has over three decades of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing screen printing and UV curing machines.  We employ highly skilled engineers with in-depth knowledge of Ultraviolet radiation, and the most effective wavelength for your process to achieve optimum results.  We are experts at developing effective systems for UV curing of your products, on either flat or cylindrical products.
Systematic Automation, Inc. sets industry standards with high performance UV curing machines for almost any commercial or industrial UV curing application. All our machines are rigorously tested for high quality performance prior to shipping. Contact us today for proven effective solutions for your next UV curing machine.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vacuum Chucks with Superior Flatness and Options

Vacuum chucks are used in dozens of unique applications worldwide, aiding commercial and industrial processes with improved cycle times and enhanced quality.  Some industrial applications recognizing the valuable benefit of vacuum chuck systems are machining, plotter and cutter applications, flatbed and digital printing, engraving, paper making, UV curing, ultrasonic cutting and surface grinding to name just a few.
Vacuum chucks provide superior quality and cost saving efficiencies by securely holding your substrate in place while performing additional processes and speeding up cycle times.  Vacuum chuck systems also add considerably to the quality of your product, when you can firmly hold your product in place for additional processes, the consistency of a quality process results in a quality product.
Systematic Automation Global Leader in Precision Vacuum Chucks
Systematic Automation is a leading global manufacturer of superior vacuum chuck systems, setting the industry standard with precision flatness +/- .001” and reliable holding force, and durable sturdy construction.   We manufacture precision vacuum tables for a variety of processes in standard or custom sizes, tailored to your unique specifications. 
Featured options available with our precision vacuum tables include sliding vacuum systems, automatic pin registration, custom hole patterns, valves to inactivate or isolate particular zones, bases in any size or shape, anodizing for resistance to corrosion (available in various colors), and surface options include Formica for a scratch resistant finish.
Systematic Automation is known for superior quality with the knowledge and resources to manufacture world class vacuum chuck systems with the specifications and options to fit your customized vacuum solution.
Our highly skilled engineers coupled with our vast resources allow us to provide the most cost-efficient vacuum solution to you, with high performance that is second to none.  Contact us today for assistance with designing and developing your vacuum chuck system for your unique process needs.
Systematic Automation, Inc. provides tested and proven vacuum solutions for several industrial processes worldwide.  All vacuum tables are inspected for precision flatness of +/- .001″ per linear foot before shipment.  Contact us today to speak with one of the world’s leading vacuum chuck manufacturers.

Friday, July 14, 2017

CNC Vacuum Tables Aid Precision Processes

CNC Vacuum tables aid in precision production processes by holding substrates in place for additional processes including machining, cutting, and pressurized precision operations.  When your process calls for precision applications, vacuum tables can be the difference between successful production or substandard quality parts. 
Systematic Automation is a world leading manufacturer of high precision CNC vacuum tables, supplying OEMs around the globe with vacuum tables achieving maximum flatness within +/- .001”.   Including computer-aided design control with your vacuum table enhances your production process with high quality and automation. 
Systematic Automation Expert CNC Vacuum Table Manufacturer
Whether you are machining steel, PVC, plexiglass or any other type of substrate, Systematic Automation has the perfect solution for you.   We have been manufacturing vacuum tables for precision processes for over thirty years, specializing in tight tolerance superior tables for dozens of industrial applications.  We have the experience and the resources to provide the perfect table for your process.
Vacuum Table Pumps
Depending on your operation, two types of vacuum pumps are available.  Each supply maximum vacuum force holding your product securely in place for precision, even in pressurized processes.
The Rotary Vane pump, or high flow pump, is used with your CNC vacuum table to allow for minimal leakage with no reduction in vacuum force.  High flow Rotary Vane pumps will pull with slightly less force that the diaphragm-type of vacuum pumps.
A Diaphragm style pump provides a tight seal between your substrate and the CNC vacuum table, maximizing holding power with high vacuum force.  While the diaphragm pump provides maximum holding force, even the slightest leak will reduce the holding force.
Systematic Automation are knowledgeable about which pump is the perfect fit for your application, and we can assist you in determining the most effective type of CNC vacuum table and pump for your process.
Systematic Automation is the leading manufacturer of various vacuum tables, CNC vacuum tables, and screen printing equipment.   We have the experience and the resources to provide you with effective and cost-efficientequipment for your process.  Contact us today for a custom solution to your CNC machining application. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

UV Curing System Provides Effective Results

Ultraviolet (UV) light is used in many applications to instantly cure or dry inks, coatings and adhesives.   When UV light is exposed to these coatings, a photochemical reaction takes place, drying the coating very quickly, creating a strong outer bond.  UV curing is used in many manufacturing processes as a very efficient way to speed up printing, drying and curing applications. 

Instant Results with UV Curing
Because the UV light creates the photochemical reaction so quickly, the inks or coatings dry evenly and without loss of volume due to evaporation.  This improves the quality of the process, creating consistent products, whether used in screen printing or critical parts manufacturing for industrial purposes. 

UV Curing Improves Efficiencies

If one of your continual improvement goals is to become more efficient, utilizing a UV curing process where printing, drying or curing is required will add valuable time saving efficiencies.  UV Curing of outer coatings can occur instantly, in a matter of seconds.  Compared to air or heat drying of inks, or spraying parts or units with chemicals, the UV process is much faster and requires no use of volatile chemicals.  

UV Curing Aids Several Industrial Applications

Systematic Automation is experienced in developing effective and efficient UV Curing Systems for a wide array of industrial applications, including:

·         UV Curing Screen Printing – UV Screen printing is available for flat or cylindrical products, from ball point pens to keg sized containers.   Vacuum systems can be incorporated into UV curing systems for all over 360° cure area.
·         Automotive – UV Curing is used on automotive parts such as visual knobs or buttons with printed words or labels.  Exposing these parts to UV radiation creates a strong outer coating that is stain and scratch resistant.
·         Aerospace – UV Curing provides strong durable parts when required in extreme conditions.  UV Curing is fast, efficient, and reliable.
·         Marketing- UV Curing is used in printing a wide variety of items from trinkets, to clothing and large banner or yard signs.
·         Several other industrial and manufacturing processes

With decades of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing specialized UV Curing systems for virtually any application, Systematic Automation is the leading expert for any UV printing or curing process.   We have a system that will fit your product, with auxiliary equipment such as specialized conveyors available to incorporate with any curing system.  We will custom design a system to meet your needs. 

Systematic Automation is a world leading manufacturer of automated screen printing machines, including UV Curing Systems and superior Vacuum Tables.  All equipment is tested rigorously for optimum performance prior to shipping.  Contact us today to learn about our UV curing and screen printing solutions. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vacuum Chuck Systems Aid Industrial Applications

Vacuum chuck systems are used in very specialized applications, aiding in several commercial and industrial processes.  Vacuum tables are a vital part of industrial processes including digital printing in flatbed and cylindrical screen printing machines, engraving processes, plotter cutter purposes, paper making, engraving and several other processes. 
Vacuum chucks are also used in a wide array of precision applications such as CNC machining, surface grinding, UV curing processes in printing and manufacturing, ultrasonic cutting and many more critical procedures. 
Systematic Automation Provides Exceptional Vacuum Chuck System
Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of exceptional vacuum chuck systems, setting the industry standard with superior flatness of +/- .001”.  Our vacuum table systems are made with proprietary technology and components for durable construction and maximum holding power.  
We have been a world leading manufacturer of high performing automated vacuum chuck systems and screen printing machines for over thirty years.  Setting industry standards with superior features for precision processes, and reliable consistent vacuum hold. 
Systematic Automation manufactures our vacuum chuck systems in our modern state-of-the-art facility, with dozens of standard size models to meet almost any need no matter the size or scope.  If one of our standard size vacuum tables will not fit your process, we will customize a solution just for you.
With experience in designing and manufacturing superior vacuum equipment for any application, our vacuum chuck systems are available with several enhanced features including automatic pin registration, valves to inactivate or isolate particular areas, sliding vacuum systems, bases in any size or shape, custom hole patterns, and surface options for improved scratch resistance.   
Systematic Automation has the resources and the knowledge to provide proven solutions for any vacuum chuck application streamlining your automated processes.  Our highly skilled engineers are experienced at finding the right solution for your vacuum system needs.   Our knowledge combined with our vast resources allows us to offer the lowest possible cost to you. 
Systematic Automation provides proven solutions to achieve increased output and improved quality.  We provide custom designed automated solutions to a wide array of industries around the globe.  Contact us today, a world leading manufacturer of high-performing and reliable vacuum chuck systems.