Sunday, May 14, 2017

Expert Clamshell Screen Printing Manufacturer

When looking for a flatbed screen printing machine manufacturer, there are several factors you should consider.  A reputable manufacturer will have been in business for a considerable amount of time, with knowledge and experience in producing quality printing machines. 
Systematic Automation is an expert screen printing manufacturer, with dozens of models to choose from for printing on any substrate imaginable.  We design, engineer, and manufacture high performing, yet simple to operate screen printing solutions, having installed over 10,000 screen printing machines worldwide.
Four Clamshell Screen Printing Models
For printing on your flat products, choose a clamshell screen printer from Systematic Automation, with four different models to choose from:

  • F1 Semiautomatic clamshell – a reliable and simple machine that can print on a wide array of products including flat and cylindrical substrates.  Utilizes a complete pneumatic system that will no overload or burn out, with 100% air operation.  Rated at more than 300 million cycles.
  • F1-DC Semi-Automatic Screen Printer – precision multi-color printing on flat and cylindrical products.  Universal screen mounting, quick release flood bar assembly and squeegee holder, provides a smooth quiet operation.
  • MC-1 Manual Screen Printer – simple yet sophisticated design allows for accessories and attachments. Manually operated front loading machine with the same quality specifications as our automated models, with repeatability of registration within +/-.001”.
  • Model 810 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer – compatible for flat or cylindrical products, stainless steel air cylinders, universal screen mount, and user friendly touch screen controls.

Systematic Automation has over three decades of experience manufacturing high performing, precision screen printing machines that meet and exceed customer expectations.  We provide businesses around the globe with automated printing solutions, enhancing product quality and improving cycle times.  Let us show you how we can provide dramatic cost savings to you through improved efficiencies and enhanced product quality.
Systematic Automation is one of the world leading screen printing machine manufacturers.  With dozens of models to choose from, our highly skilled staff can match the perfect printing machine to your application.  Contact us today for a cost saving solution to your screen printing needs.  

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Screen Printing Machines and Supplies from Systematic Automation

Systematic Automation is the only place you need to look for the perfect solution to your screen printing needs.  We are leaders in the industry of manufacturing screen printing machines, providing superior equipment at an affordable price for over thirty years.
We design, engineer, manufacture and install over twenty different models from the simplest of machines to more robust processes including Ultraviolet (UV) printing.  We can provide you with the right solution whether you are printing on flat surfaces like card stock or signs, or cylindrical products such as pens, bottles and glassware.
You can rely upon our extensive knowledge of the screen printing process, and count on Systematic Automation to provide the perfect solution for your screen printing needs.
Various Models of Screen Printing Machines to Choose From
Whether you need semi-automatic or fully automatic printing machines, we have several models to find just the right printing solution for you.  Our Model F1 Semi-Automatic screen printer is a simple and reliable clamshell flatbed printer that can print on either flat or cylindrical products.  This versatile machine is the workhorse of many printing operations, and can be yours at a very affordable price.
Our Model LAC-6000 is a fully automatic one color screen printer with high speed and output of 5,400 parts per hour!  This machine can be adapted with UV integration for numerous flat products.  All our machines are made with superior components for long lasting life and reliability.
If you are looking for a new screen printing machine to add to your current line or to replace an existing machine, or maybe you are considering bringing your screen printing needs in-house for the first time, the experts at Systematic Automation can help you make your project a roaring success.
Since we manufacture all our own equipment, we also will provide supplies and support as needed to ensure total customer satisfaction.
Systematic Automation provides proven solutions for all screen printing processes, large and small.  Let us show you how to further automate your process, and provide significant cost saving production methods.  Call Systematic Automation today for all your screen printing equipment and supplies.    

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Improve Efficiencies with Automatic Screen Printing

Find the perfect solution for your screen printing process with an Automatic Screen Printing machine from Systematic Automation.  As leaders in the screen printing industry, we have been designing and manufacturing our screen printing machines in the United States for over thirty years.  We offer a wide selection of several models allowing us to find the ideal automatic screen printing machine for your application. 
With over twenty different screen printing machines to choose from, we offer several that are fully automatic.  Some various styles of our automatic screen printing machines are: Sliding Table, IN-Line, Rotary Index and Turret Motion screen printers, with various models in each style. 
Our In-Line LAC-6000 high speed automatic screen printer can process up to 5,400 parts per hour!  This machine can be adapted with auxiliary UV equipment for an even quicker dry time with crisp, vibrant color.   Our Turret Motion Automatic Koozie machine has an eight-station indexer, automatic dryer and can print on both sides of the Koozie in a single operation.  Our Microscope Slide Rotary Index Automatic Screen Printing machine is ideal for printing on glass microscope slides, producing perfectly printed slides every time. 
Improving cycle times in your production process improves overall efficiencies, which equal up to huge cost savings!  A simple value stream mapping exercise should clearly show the time savings which quickly add up to an increased bottom line.  Shaving even seconds from one repeated process adds up quickly to saved dollars and increased profit. 
Systematic Automation has a vast lineup of more than twenty screen printing machines, and at least a dozen that are fully automatic.  We can assist you in determining the exact machine for your process, whether printing on flat or cylindrical products, all shapes and sizes.
Contact Systematic Automation today to learn more about our state-of-the-art screen printing machines, and how our automated solutions will provide cost saving efficiencies in your printing process.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Commercial Screen Printing Solutions

Screen printing machines are used in several commercial and industrial applications, providing efficient cost savings to various printing applications.  If you are looking for the right commercial screen printing machine, Systematic Automation has the solution for you.  
As leaders in the industry for over thirty years, we have designed and built more than twenty different models of screen printing machines.  All our state-of-the-art screen printing machines are manufactured in the United States with superior quality components, providing long lasting life with low maintenance. 
Systematic Automation is a global supplier of productive screen printing machines at an economical cost.   Commercial screen printing is used in almost every industry, we simply cannot list them all.  Some common industries utilizing commercial screen printers are:

  • Automotive - a multitude of automotive printing applications including printing onto plastic, metal and glass components.  
  • Aerospace – where durability is required when printing on glass, metal and plastic components. 
  • Pharmaceutical – Systematic Automation has developed a specific printer for printing on glass microscope slides in addition to various substrates such as cylindrical products, bottles, containers and syringes. 
  • Advertising - printing on calendars, cards, magnets, pens, cups, and clothing Electronics - printing onto electrical components, such as identification markings, labeling instructions and warnings. 
  • Various printing required in plastic industries for a multitude of industrial processes such as including toys, lighters, pens, bottles, etc. - the list is endless.

Systematic Automation manufactures high performance semi and fully automatic screen printing machines for a multitude of commercial and industrial applications.  We have developed patented and proprietary technology from our years of research and development in the screen printing industry.  

Contact Systematic Automation today to speak with one of our knowledgeable engineers for expert assistance with your production process.  We will recommend the right commercial screen printing machine for your job, providing high performance, low maintenance, and cost effective printing production.

Friday, March 24, 2017

About Systematic Automatic

As the world’s largest manufacturer of precision screen printing machines, we offer a wide selection of machines, with standard and custom options, as well as providing customer support for training, maintenance, and supplies.  Whether you’re looking for a CNC vacuum table, sign printing machine or a pen screen printing machine, we have the equipment you need along with immediate support to get you up and running quickly with consistent high quality results.