Friday, December 8, 2017

Obtain High Quality with CNC Vacuum Tables

CNC vacuum table systems contribute precision accuracy to a wide variety of processes, with high reliability and consistency.  Vacuum table improve the quality in a multitude of industries and processes, including computer numerically controlled (CNC) applications.  CNC vacuum systems are used in demanding and critical applications, including the following: 

    • Engraving
    • Milling
    • Grinding
    • Surface Grinding
    • Ultrasonic Cutting
    • Plotting
    • Plotter Cutter
    • Sail Making
    • Paper Making
    • Thermoforming
    • Material Handling Systems

Consistency is key to producing high quality products, and superior hold down force of CNC vacuum tables provide reliable consistency to industrial processes worldwide.  Systematic Automation sets the standard in superior flatness with vacuum systems, manufacturing our tables with +/-.001” flatness per linear foot.  We offer a wide range of sizes for any application, from 5” x 6” up to “72” by 144”, with custom designed solutions available for your process no matter how large or small.  
Systematic Automation provides two styles of vacuum pumps to choose from, providing the right amount of vacuum force for your specific application.  Our Diaphragm pump generates a tight seal between the vacuum table and your substrate with high force for maximum hold down force.  The Rotary Vane pump is designed to allow for some leakage without jeopardizing critical holding power.  
Engineering Features and Options with Superior CNC Vacuum Tables
Vacuum tables designed and manufactured by Systematic Automation incorporate engineering features to accommodate any CNC vacuum process requiring high performance in critical and demanding applications.  Our vacuum systems include automatic pin registration, custom vacuum hole patterns and vacuum table zones to allow for specific control of vacuum force, Formica table top for scratch resistance and anodizing for insulation and resistance to corrosion.  
Systematic Automation has more than three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing superior vacuum table systems with precision accuracy used in demanding CNC applications.  Contact us today to speak with an automation specialist to learn how our vacuum tables perform with unsurpassed consistency and reliability. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Custom Designed UV Solutions and OEM Support

When you need a UV curing and printing process solution, purchase your machines from a trusted name with experience in UV and printing technology.  When you partner with Systematic Automation for your UV curing and screen printing needs, you gain a partner in your specialized processes to help you solve your design and processing problems.  
Systematic Automation is a leading screen printing manufacturer with more than thirty years of experience, and has in-depth knowledge of UV radiation treatment used in printing and treating products.  We provide ongoing OEM support for custom machines designed specifically for your industry, and your unique process.  Our Ultra Light System comes with many standard features for simple and effective UV treatment, with standard sizes available in a wide range of 3” to 55”.  
We offer high performing equipment with simple to use systems, designed for either flat, cylindrical or three-dimensional odd shaped products.  Systematic Automation enhances your automated process with specialty conveyors and UVSPs which are designed with your own private label, enhancing your company’s brand awareness with your own logo or artwork.  The appearance of your UV treatment machine can be modified with custom conveyors, vacuum systems and additional auxiliary equipment designed to enhance performance and throughput. 
Systematic Automation is an Extension of Your Business with Proven Solutions
You can rely upon our more than three decades of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing various screen printing machines, vacuum systems and specialty automated equipment.  Systematic Automation is a company that continually conducts research and development, to offer the latest in technological advancements to our customers.  Our proprietary technology and patented products have set the industry standard for automated screen printing and UV curing solutions.  
We understand the technology behind the products, and offer continual support long after your machine installation.  All our equipment is manufactured and assembled in the United States, and rigorously tested quality performance prior to shipping.   Systematic Automation is a company that will be here in the future, to continue to help your company prepare for future growth with profitable automated solutions. 
Systematic Automation is a leading expert in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing superior automated equipment used by OEMs around the globe.  We offer patented technology for highly effective spot UV screen printing machines, vacuum systems and flame treatment equipment.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer for your UV curing and printing solutions.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Vacuum Tables Enhance Industrial Processes

Vacuum tables are used in a multitude of commercial and industrial processes, providing powerful vacuum force to enhance automated procedures.  Vacuum table systems enhance processes by providing consistency, improving quality and reducing processing time, used in demanding applications to provide part integrity with tight tolerances.  Vacuum systems hold substrates security in place with maximum force, ensuring a consistent process. 
Vacuum Tables Used in a Multitude of Processes
Vacuum tables are used a multitude of commercial and industrial applications, including the following:
  • CNC Machining – vacuum tables enhance CNC (computer numerically controlled) applications with consistent and powerful vacuum force during critical processes
  • Ultrasonic Cutting – vacuum systems deliver maximum hold down force to hold parts securely in place during precision processes. 
  • Material Handling Systems – Vacuum systems assist in maintaining part integrity when moving products from one area to another, keeping parts from free falling or being damaged by breaking and scratching
  • UV Curing – vacuum chucks are useful in UV curing procedures, ensuring accurate curing area by holding parts in place during UV exposure
  • Screen Printing – vacuum systems hold a wide variety of substrates in the desired position while a printing process is applied for complete printing coverage with precision accuracy
  • Automotive – vacuum tables maintain part integrity during precision processes and transportation
  • Several other commercial, industrial and manufacturing processes which require high performance with consistent output. 
Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of superior vacuum tables for virtually any process, with a wide array of standard sized tables.  No size is too large or small with our skilled design engineers ready to custom design a vacuum solution for your unique process applications.   Our vacuum tables are manufactured with optimum flatness, boasting +/-.001” per linear foot in even our largest of vacuum table solutions.

Systematic Automation Vacuum Table Specialists

Systematic Automation has been manufacturing superior vacuum tables and screen printing machines for more than thirty years, offering dozens of standard models to choose from with state-of-the-art engineering features.  We can custom design a solution just for you, ensuring that you get exactly the right amount of vacuum force without spending more than you need to. 
We utilize proprietary technology in our modern facility, developing several patented machines and products.  All our machines are tested rigorously for maximum performance and high quality standards prior to shipping. 
Systematic Automation leads the industry in manufacturing automated equipment, including screen printing machines, UV curing systems, flame treatment machines and state-of-the-art vacuum tables.  Contact us today to speak with a vacuum system specialist for proven vacuum solutions in any industrial application.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Automatic Screen Printing Machines Improve Efficiency

Automatic screen printing machines are used in a multitude of industries to provide quick and efficient printing processes, providing high quality with improved profits.  Finding the perfect screen printing solution is easy when you contact the automated printing specialists at Systematic Automation.  With more than thirty years of experience developing high quality screen printing machines, vacuum tables, UV curing systems and flame treatment systems that are used in commercial and industrial processes worldwide. 
Systematic Automation offers a wide selection of semi-automatic and automatic screen printing machines, with dozens of models to choose from.    Why pay for more than you need?  The screen printing experts at Systematic Automation will have the perfect printing solution for you, with all the capabilities to improve your efficiency without paying for more than you need.  We have over twenty various screen printing machines to choose from, and will even custom design a printing solution just for your process. 
Wide Selection of Automatic Screen Printing Machines
Systematic Automation offers a wide selection of automatic screen printing machines, including our In-Line LAC-6000 printer, Sliding Table, Rotary Index and Turret Motion screen printers each with various models and engineering features available with each design. 
Our In-Line LAC-6000 automatic screen printing machines is a high-speed workhorse processing up to 5,400 parts per hour.  Systematic Automation can adapt this efficient machine with UV treatment equipment to provide high quality, vibrant color with the fastest dry time.  Increasing cycle times of printing and drying reaps big benefits to your bottom line.  Adding UV curing improves processing time and quality with consistently dried inks and varnishes drying in seconds. 
The Microscope Slide Rotary Index Automatic Screen Printing machine is used for quickly and accurately printing on glass microscope slides, providing high quality with a very efficient process. 
The Turret Motion Automatic Koozie printing machine is a very efficient automatic screen printer with an eight-station indexer, an automatic dryer and has the ability to print on both sides of a Koozie in one single process. 
With our more than twenty screen printing models to choose from, and more than a dozen which are fully automatic, Systematic Automation can assist you in determining the perfect screen printing machine to provide maximum efficiency in your process. 
Systematic Automation is a leading screen printing manufacturer, providing automated printing solutions to many industries worldwide.  Contact us today to learn more about our cost saving, automatic screen printing solutions.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Flame Treatment Proven to Improve Adhesion to Plastics

Plastics are generally nonporous and nonresponsive to bonding with other substrates such as coatings, varnishes, laminates, inks and lacquers.  Treating plastic products with a flame treatment machine alters the surface by causing a molecular reaction which allows for easier adhesion.  While there are other methods available to treat plastic products to allow for easier bonding, flame treating plastic products is proven safe, effective and efficient.   
Some manufacturing processes may use other methods to treat plastic parts, although they might not be as effective and cost-efficient as flame treatment.  Plastic products can be treated with applying a chemical coating such as a primer to allow for easier adhesion to inks and coatings.  This requires the use of chemicals, however, which can pose a safety risk to employees and may be hazardous to purchase and store.  Chemically treating plastic parts to prepare for a bonding application may result in inconsistencies due to varying parameters during drying time and evaporation.  
Other pretreatment machines include a corona treater or a plasma treater, in addition to the flame treatment machine.  The corona treater is used typically on foils and films to increase the surface energy which increases the ability of adhesion.  A plasma treating machine improves the adhesive quality on the surface of plastic by eliminating organic and inorganic surface contaminants.  Plasma treaters are effective on specific polymers, elastomers, glass and metals.  
Flame treatment systems are used to pretreat the surface of plastics improving their surface tension, wettability and allow adhesion during many processes including:  

    • Bonding
    • Laminating
    • Coating applications
    • Painting
    • Printing processes 
      With a flame positioned precisely toward the plastic product with temperatures carefully controlled, flame treatment is effective at causing the required chemical reaction quickly and without causing the plastic to melt.  In many situations a flame treatment machine may be used rather than a plasma or corona treater.  The pretreatment specialists at Systematic Automation can help you determine when a flame treatment machine would be the best choice for your process.  
      Flame Treatment Specialists at Systematic Automation 
      Systematic Automation has more than thirty years of experience in developing automated equipment used in pretreatment processes, screen printing machines, UV curing systems and vacuum tables. We have incorporated patented technology to develop our Model FL flame treater, providing 360° total cure area to cylindrical and odd-shaped products that are securely held in place with rotating vacuum platens.  Our unique design allows for quick and efficient flame treatment to plastic mugs, glassware, growlers and three-dimensional products.   
      The Model FL flame treater is versatile and compact, fast and efficient, and is often the first of inline procedures in a high-volume process with products moving onto screen printing, coating or varnishing.  Systematic Automation manufactures automated equipment with high quality components, and all design, engineering and manufacturing is conducted in the United States.  All our machines are rigorously tested for high quality prior to shipping, with ongoing exceptional customer service and support.  

Systematic Automation is a leading pretreatment machine manufacturer, providing patented and proprietary technology for long lasting, high performance.  We offer custom development services for screen printing, UV curing, vacuum systems and flame treatment systems.  Contact us today to speak with a pretreatment specialist to learn about our proven flame treatment solutions.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Custom Designed Flame and UV Treatment for Bottles

Are you looking for the best machine to provide flame treatment or UV curing to your bottles, mugs or glassware products?  Flame treatment systems provide a very effective way to pretreat cylindrical products to improve the adhesion of exterior coatings and inks during a following printing process.  When you want your glasses and growlers to stand out from the crowd with vibrant logos that will not disintegrate or wash away, treating your products with a flame treatment machine will create beautiful and long lasting products.  The flame treatment causes a chemical reaction to the surface, creating a strong bond between the ink coatings and the surface.  
Flame treatment machines are also used in manufacturing processes that require removal of flash on products, to create a high quality, uniformly smooth product. When you need a better way to produce your mugs, jars or glassware, contact the flame treatment and UV curing experts at Systematic Automation.  
Custom Designed Flame Treatment Systems
Systematic Automation combines our expertise of flame and UV treatment processes with our years of experience in manufacturing vacuum chucks, for the most advanced pretreatment machine in the industry.  Our patented Model FL Flame treatment machine is a state-of-the-art 360° pretreatment machine used in many industrial processes.  The Model FL features a simple loading station with versatility to treat mugs, glassware and drinkware of varying sizes with interchangeable vacuum designed tooling to hold your substrate firmly in place.  
Rotating platens begin flame treatment at a precisely indexed twelve o’clock position continuing rotation while exiting the flame treatment area.  All over exposure perfectly blends the flame seam creating an evenly blended surface treatment.  
Our Bottle Treater is another versatile flame treatment system, that can also provide UV and Pyrosil treatment, all in one system.  Your base machine can be custom designed to accommodate up to three treatment technologies with individually designed vacuum chucks.
Systematic Automation will custom design and manufacture your automated flame treatment machine based on submitted product drawings, ensuring the perfect system for your application without spending more than you need to.  
Systematic Automation has more than thirty years of experience designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing superior vacuum, screen printing, flame and UV pretreatment machines.  Contact us today for an automated flame treatment solution with proven results. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Versatile Vacuum Chuck Manufacturer for Any Application

Vacuum chucks are used in several industrial processes, providing valuable benefits to companies and manufacturers worldwide.  Vacuum tables are a vital component of many industrial processes, providing superior hold down force to a variety of substrates during critical applications.  Several industries realize the benefit of vacuum chuck systems including: 

  • Engraving processes
  • Plotter cutter applications
  • Paper, canvas and sail making
  • CNC applications
  • Surface grinding applications
  • Material handling systems
  • and many other precision applications 

Systematic Automation Provides Superior Vacuum Chuck System
Systematic Automation has more than 30 years of experience manufacturing superior vacuum chuck systems used in these and many more precision processes worldwide.  We set the industry standard with +/-.001” per linear foot in vacuum tables of all sizes, producing exceptional flatness.   We design, engineer and manufacture vacuum table systems with proprietary technology in our modern facility.  No size is too large or small with tables ranging in size from 5″ x 6″ x 1 3/16″ to 72″ x 144″ x 1.50″ with custom sizes available upon request.  
Our vacuum chucks provide reliable and consistent hold down force during high volume operations for high quality results.   All equipment is manufactured in the United States with durable components and tested for quality standards prior to shipping.  Systematic Automation has the technology and the resources to provide proven vacuum solutions for any application to increase consistent throughput and productivity, providing a quick return on investment.  Improve the quality of your process with a superior vacuum system and remove the headache of producing substandard parts.
Our highly skilled engineers are experienced at finding the right solution for your vacuum system needs, or we will custom design a solution for you.  Our expertise combined with our wide resources allow us to offer the lowest cost to you.  Get exactly what you need and don’t pay for more than you have to with a custom designed vacuum table solution from Systematic Automation.    
Systematic Automation is a world leading manufacturer of vacuum chuck systems, providing proven solutions to several industrial and commercial applications worldwide.  We help companies to increase throughput with high quality automation. Contact us today for your custom consultation on the perfect vacuum chuck system for your application.