Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Commercial Screen Printing Machines for Any Industry

Commercial screen printing machines are used across a multitude of commercial and industrial applications providing cost-efficient printing processes to businesses worldwide. There are so many uses for commercial screen printers they simply cannot all be listed. Some of the most common industries utilizing in-house commercial screen printing machines include:
Advertising - printing on paper products such as cards and calendars, magnets, cups, clothing and just about any other product you can think of.
Automotive - the automotive industry utilizes commercial screen printers for a variety of automotive parts and components manufactured from glass, plastic or metal.
Electronics - manufacturers of electronic components use screen printing machines to identify products, labels, warnings and instructions.
Aerospace - the aviation and aerospace industries require durable components that hold up in harsh conditions. Utilizing a UV curing machine with your commercial screen printer will provide additional strength and seal printed inks for added durability.
Pharmaceutical - pharmaceutical companies use screen printers to print onto various items such as bottles, syringes, containers, and even microscope slides.
Systematic Automation has the Commercial Screen Printing Solution for You
Systematic Automation has been designing and engineering screen printing machines and vacuum tables for over 35 years. We offer the widest selection of semi-automatic and automatic screen printers with nearly 2 dozen models to choose from. We are sure to find the right printer for you with our wide selection of Clamshell, Harmonic lift, Turret motion, Sliding table, Inline and Rotary index models, all manufactured with high-quality components and state-of-the-art technology in the United States.
We offer screen printing machines for high-speed automatic processes, six color screen printers, printers for flat or cylindrical items in virtually any size available.  We even have screen printing machines to print on microscope slides and chocolate candies. When it comes to screen printing, no one knows the technology better than Systematic Automation.
Systematic Automation designs and manufactures state-of-the-art, high-performing semi-automatic and fully automatic screen printing machines. Our patented equipment is developed with proprietary technology based on decades of experience and continual research and development to bring high-performing cutting-edge printing technology to market. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer to learn how to make your commercial screen printing process a success.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

What Are the Advantages of a Flame Treatment System?

Flame treating provides a method to treat the surface of products, such as plastics or glass, which alters the surface properties to allow adhesion of inks or coatings. The outer surface of plastic and glass products is typically smooth and nonporous and not conducive to adhering to any inks or coatings. A flame treatment system provides a method to run your products through a pretreatment machine that quickly and efficiently allows printing on the surface. 
Flame treatment has many advantages when compared to other methods of surface treating such as plasma and corona treaters or chemical treatments. Some benefits of flame treatment systems include:
Uniform and consistent treatment - unlike chemical treatment which could be inconsistent due to evaporation and inconsistencies in surface application, flame treatment is always consistent which is the key to producing high-quality products.
Supports high speed production - flame treatment equipment is fast, efficient and highly effective altering the surface properties of substrates in mere seconds.
Environmentally friendly process - flame treating products is a safer treatment method than using chemicals with no exposure to employees of harmful chemicals and no need for companies to determine safe methods of use, storage and disposal.
Less costly than other methods with minimal maintenance - flame treatment systems operate continually to support high-volume production with very low maintenance requirements.
Systematic Automation Provides State-of-the-Art Flame Treatment Systems
Systematic Automation leads the industry with state-of-the-art screen printing machines, vacuum tables, and flame treatment systems.  We have over 35 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing automated equipment with high-quality components and state-of-the-art technology.  Our flame treatment systems are designed for versatility allowing flame treating of various sized products on rotating vacuum platens with no tooling change required.
Systematic Automation manufacturers all machines in the US with rigorous testing prior to shipment to ensure optimum performance.  We provide custom designed solutions with ongoing exceptional customer service to ensure your success. Contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art equipment including our durable, reliable, and versatile flame treating system.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Learn About the Most Revolutionary and Cost-Efficient UV Curing System

UV curing is the most cost-efficient method to quickly process parts treated with a surface coating such as screen-printed inks, adhesives or bonding agents. The ultraviolet light causes a photochemical reaction in the polymer which quickly dries it eliminating inconsistencies that occur with other drying methods that allow for evaporation.  If you are looking for the most revolutionary and cost-efficient UV curing system, check out this video from Systematic Automation, showing our Ultra Light UV Conveyor.
Systematic Automation provides UV curing solutions for a variety of products and applications including flat items, cylindrical items, and three-dimensional products.
Ultralight UV Conveyor for Curing Flat or Cylindrical Products
The Ultralight UV Conveyor system from Systematic Automation offers high quality, reliable performance for curing flat or cylindrical items with 400 W per inch curing power. The simple and efficient design is built to last with Teflon coated conveyor systems to support continuous daily use. Systematic Automation has more than 30 years of experience developing patented products with proprietary technology. The ultralight UV conveyor also features an operator friendly touch screen, revolutionary irradiator design and a tri-power 200/300/400 WPI power supply.
Model UVSP for UV Curing of Cylindrical Products
For 360° curing of cylindrical products in assorted sizes, the Model UVSP provides the greatest versatility, ease of use and cost efficiency available in any high-quality UV curing system available today.  With universal tooling and vacuum force rotating plans, this versatile machine will treat various sizes of bottles, mugs, or growlers without having to change the tooling. The all mechanical Geneva drive index provides low maintenance and operator safety with an overload clutch.
Systematic Automation provides the industry’s leading UV curing systems available on the market today. Our bottle trader provides flame, UV, or Pyrosil treatment to pretreat bottles for long-lasting adhesion of inks and coatings.
Systematic Automation offers solutions to your screen printing, flame treating, and UV curing processes with high-quality, cost-efficient machines designed and manufactured in the United States. We provide ongoing service and support to ensure your success. Contact us today to speak with an engineer for customized solutions to all your UV curing processes.

Monday, March 19, 2018

What’s the Best Screen Printer to Print Koozies?

Personalized koozies make great promotional items and gifts for things like weddings and business meetings. Screen printing koozies with multiple colors can be challenging with textures varying in quality and thickness. You need a screen printing machine that can process multiple koozies at once, with quick drying ink for fast processing.
Systematic Automation Offers the Koozie Printer
See the video on our website of the Koozies Printer from Systematic Automation, with a servo driven unloader for efficient unloading of collapsible koozies.  The eight-station rotary indexer allows for high volume production, with an automated system that moves the koozies through a high-powered dryer for maximum efficiency.  The dryer is specially designed for koozies providing maximum energy efficiency to your printing and drying process.
High Quality and Cost-Efficient Screen Printing for Koozies
The Koozies Printer by Systematic Automation provides advanced engineering features with user-friendly operating controls. The fully pneumatic system will not burn out or overload, providing quiet and smooth 100% air operation with a safer environment near flammable solvents. This precision screen printing machine is built for long-lasting durability, with hardened ground and polished shafts and high-quality ball bearings rated for more than 300 million cycles.
Additional features include a universal screen mount, quick release squeegee assembly, and an electronic counter for easy tracking of production. Automatic smoke detectors are included for additional safety to shut off the heater if any smoke is detected.
Systematic Automation for All Your Screen Printing Needs
Systematic Automation has more than 30 years of experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing screen printing machines with the most cost-efficient designs available on the market today. We offer fully automated solutions for complete turnkey applications with superior vacuum tables, flame treatment machines for pretreatment processes, and UV curing machines for final curing of inks and solvents providing long-lasting vibrant colors.
Systematic Automation leads the industry with dozens of models of screen printing machines to choose from. All machines are manufactured in the United States and tested rigorously for high-quality performance prior to shipping. Contact us today to speak with an engineer for custom design solutions to your screen printing process.

Friday, March 9, 2018

How to Find Vacuum Tables at the Best Price

If you are searching for the best vacuum table to enhance your process, be sure to speak with the vacuum table experts at Systematic Automation.  With more than thirty years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing vacuum tables in dozens of applications around the globe, Systematic Automation has the vacuum solution for you for any application in virtually any size.  
Vacuum tables are used in a multitude of applications, securely holding products and substrates firmly in place to aid a multitude of commercial and critical industrial processes, and must provide long lasting durability in demanding applications. Vacuum systems ensure consistency during many processes such as screen printing, UV curing, ultrasonic cutting, CNC machining, material handling systems and dozens more, providing high quality products and efficient material movement.    
Guaranteed Lowest Price on High Quality Vacuum Tables and Pumps
Systematic Automation has the resources and the expertise to provide the highest in quality vacuum systems at the best available price.  Since 1983, our specialty engineers continually conduct research and development, providing patented products and features that you’ll only find from Systematic Automation.  We provide precision vacuum table systems in virtually any size to some of the largest manufacturers in the world.  
Vacuum tables by Systematic Automation are designed with superior flatness of +/-.001” per linear foot, and offer the widest selection of advanced engineering options available today.  Our tables range in size from 5” x 6” up to 72” x 144” with custom sizes available upon request, and offer the following custom options: 
  • Automatic pin registration
  • Sliding vacuum tables with two axis of travel
  • Swiveling casters for easy transport
  • Available for vertical applications
  • Formica table surface for conductivity and scratch resistance
  • Valves to control custom designed zones in your table
  • Anodizing is available for added insulation and corrosion resistance
  • Custom vacuum hole patterns are available

For the best vacuum table to aid your process, contact the vacuum system experts at Systematic Automation.  We provide the right vacuum pump for your vacuum table, with knowledge and experience to aid customers in designing the perfect vacuum solution.  We provide exemplary customer service with ongoing support, with high quality custom features and components available. 
Don’t pay more than you have to and then receive a substandard vacuum table with little or no customer support.  Contact the vacuum system specialists and Systematic Automation and learn how easy it is to solve your vacuum table requirements with high quality components that are built to last, and at the lowest cost available. 
Systematic Automation leads the industry in design and engineering of the most advanced vacuum tables available.  With in-depth industry knowledge and vast resources, we provide the widest selection of vacuum table sizes and features at the lowest cost to you.  Contact an engineer today to learn how Systematic Automation can provide the best solution for your vacuum table requirements. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Best Value on Multi-Color Screen Printing Machine

If you’re looking for the best value on a multi-color screen printing machine, check out the versatility of the Model Super ROI by Systematic Automation.  This is a 1 to 6 color screen printing machine that offers a total turn key printing solution with optional flame pretreatment, screen printing and UV curing.   

The Model Super ROI supports high volume continuous operation with a simple to operate design.  The linear conveyor transport moves your cylindrical products throughout the entire process beginning with the optional pretreatment application.  Performing a flame treatment onto plastics or other surfaces prior to printing is necessary to enhance the adhesion of inks and coatings.  Plastic is a nonporous surface, which makes it difficult to absorb inks.  Flame treatment alters the molecular structure to allow inks and coatings to stick to the surface.   

Products are then moved directly into the printing process with the option of printing 1 to 6 colors on a wide variety of products including glassware, bottles, mugs and cups.  While exiting the conveyor your products receive a quick UV curing process, sealing in the inks and instantly drying any coating and adhesive surface with powerful UV radiation for long lasting, durable products.   

Versatile 6 Color Screen Printing Machine Supports High Volume 

The Model Super ROI by Systematic Automation is the most versatile, reliable and durable multi-color automatic screen printing machine available.  With a simple to operate design including Allen-Bradley Servo technology, the Super ROI is low-maintenance with no complex computerized control boards resulting in low maintenance. 

Experienced Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer 

Systematic Automation has over thirty years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing the most technologically advanced screen printing machines, vacuum tables, flame treatment and UV curing systems.  We are committed to continual improvement with ongoing research and development contributing to proprietary technology and patented equipment.  Systematic Automation is your one stop shop for automated printing, curing or vacuum table requirements. 

All our machines are manufactured in the United States and tested rigorously for high performance prior to shipping.  Systematic Automation provides ongoing service and support, and customized printing solutions.  Contact us today for proven solutions with the most technologically advanced multi-color screen printing machines available.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Contact the UV Curing System Specialists

Are you looking for the most reliable UV curing system available today?  Systematic Automation offers much more than just the most advanced technologies in UV curing, they offer an entire organization dedicated to research and development, problem solving, custom designed automated solutions and ongoing technical support.  
Systematic Automation understands the technology behind the equipment, with decades of experience designing and engineering the most effective UV curing systems available. Our knowledgeable engineers are always available to provide technical and processing solutions for successful operations.  
UV Curing Technology with Powerful 400 WPI
With our extensive experience in screen printing machines and vacuum tables, we offer a turn key solution designed for optimum efficiency, saving you time and money. Incorporating UV curing into your printing process is proven to increase product quality and efficiency.  Curing inks, adhesives and coating with powerful UV radiation at an effective 400 watts per inch (WPI) instantly cures and dries inks saving time over drying methods, and proving cost effective over buying and storing solvents. 
Improve Product Quality with UV Curing
UV curing improves product quality with instantaneous drying and virtually no evaporation, creating a uniform product appearance for higher product quality.  Finishes cured with UV technology are more durable over drying methods, providing for longer lasting vibrant colors and a higher quality product.  
Our state-of-the-art UV curing machines provide solutions for a multitude of product shapes and sizes, flat or cylindrical, and are used in treating wood, metal, plastic, glass and paper products.  We offer UV technology with adjustable configurations ranging from 200/300/400 WPI for various product requirements.   
UV Curing Machines for Flat or Cylindrical Products
Systematic Automation offers the Ultra Light UV Conveyor ideal for curing a wide range of flat products with adjustable power settings from 200-400 WPI, adjustable height settings and our unique conveyor and pulley system.  
The Cylindrical 360° UV Curing Machine provides an even, all over cure for a wide variety of product sizes ranging from a ball point pen to a gallon sized container.  Our rotating vacuum platens allow for maximum hold down of a variety of substrates while still allowing all over UV curing.  
For proven solutions to all your UV curing applications, contact the printing and curing specialists at Systematic Automation.  Our decades of experience combined with our vast resources and technical expertise allow us to provide the most advanced printing and curing solutions at the most affordable cost to you.